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Wound Dressings

In every first aid kit you will find at least one type of wound dressings. Why are they so important? Well, they help control bleeding by absorbing wound fluids as well as cover the injured area and therefore protect it from infections.

We offer different wound care products:

  • Non / low-adherent dressing pads are very simple wound dressings in different sizes
  • Classic wound dressings: A non-adherent and highly absorbent pad attached to a conforming gauze bandage. Also available in a small size as wound finger dressing.
  • Island dressings with an adhesive area around a non-sticking pad for easy application.
  • Combine dressings: They work as a trauma dressing. With 2 layers they are extra absorbent and therefore the right choice for large and /or heavily bleeding wounds.
  • Basic wound dressing kit / pack for absorbing wound fluids, cleaning procedures and applying of antiseptics.

All our wound care dressings are individually wrapped and therefore sterile. Please look through our product range and find the wound dressing you need!

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