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Burn Treatments

Burn wounds can result from sunlight, other heat, chemicals or electricity. Scalds may result from hot steam or hot liquids.

Burns are categorised in 3 degrees:

  • 1st degree means, the injury to body tissue is superficial, only the first layer of skin is harmed. Symptoms are red skin, somethimes swelling and pain.
  • With 2nd degree wounds the first skin layer has been burnt through and the second layer is damaged. The burnt skin develops an intense red appearance, swellings, blotches or blisters (which you should not open). The patient suffers from severe pain.
  • When all tissue layers are damaged and even fat, muscles or bones may be affected and when the burn appears black or dry and white, then the patient suffers a 3rd degree burn. In this case, cover the affected area with our burn sheet (do not remove clothes and do not put water on the wound) and call 000 instantly.

For minor burns (1st degree and small second degree) apply cold running water for about 20 minutes.

If water is not available, apply our burn gel and cover the wound with our burn dressing. This will help relieving pain and support a fast wound healing.

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