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Hidden Cost Of Injury In Australia

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Accidents happen. However, do you know there is a cost far beyond your own recovery? The estimated cost of work related injury or disease to employers and the community is over $60 Billion dollars. Find out how much of that cost comes out of the employee's pocket and where these injuries stem from.

How to Set Up a First Aid Room

Sometimes known as a sick bay, a first aid room serves as the initial line of treatment for employees who become ill or injured while at work. Each state sets its own regulations on when a first aid room is required, who can staff it, and what first aid equipment it should contain, so be sure to check on legal [...]

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How to Choose and Use the Right Type of Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are absolutely essential for safety in both the home and the workplace. But with several different types on the market, many people are unsure what to get. Fire extinguishers are rated by the class of fire they can fight and the type of fire suppressant they use, as well as their size and [...]

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A Brief Guide to Eye Protection in the Workplace

Because of their structure and composition, the eyes are at particular risk for damage in hazardous working environments. Yet nearly all eye injuries are preventable. To minimise the danger, many national standards have been developed, including several that focus specifically on eye protectors. Always refer to national, state and local laws for the standards that [...]

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