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Adhesive Plasters and Band Aids

There are many different expressions out there for the products in this category: Plasters, band aids, bandaids, bandades, plaster bandages, adhesive bandages, sticking plasters and even more.

They all mean pretty much the same thing: Basically all these are rather small wound dressings with strong adhesive and a non-adhesive pad which covers the actual wound.

Plasters help to protect small wounds from dirt, germs or substances which could do further harm. Therefore the risk for infections decreases and the wounds will heal faster. Everyone can get small wounds every day, thus they should be available in every household, every workplace, every childcare centre or preschool, every school, every aged care centres and every first aid kit.

There are different types of band aids for different applications. For example:

  • Fabric plasters for uncomplicated wounds
  • Plastic plasters are wash proof. Showering or doing the washing up is not a problem.
  • Cartoon plasters are plastic bandaids with funny motives on the outside. They are meant for bringing back the smile on a kid's face.
  • Transparent plasters are waterproof so you can go swimming with them.
  • Blue plasters are required for the catering and food industry.

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